CNRU – Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit

Website: Headed by Morten Overgaard.


CNRU is an interdisciplinary research group, performing experimental and theoretical research within cognitive neuroscience, neurorehabilitation, and philosophy of mind and science, particularly focusing on experimental and theoretical studies of consciousness. For CNRU it is a basic ideology that research projects are based on an interdisciplinary cooperation between basic science, clinical research and philosophy.

UCN – Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience

Homepage: Headed by Jesper Mogensen.


UCN research consists of experimental studies addressing the neural substrates of cognition, neural plasticity, and brain injury rehabilitation.

CCN – Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Website: Headed by Laura Petrini.


CCN conducts experimental research in several areas of interests such as perception and attention, emotions, body awareness, executive functions, visual memory, and consciousness. Research is directed on both healthy participants and patients with a variety of neuropsychological disorders.